Planners cause a stink

YET another result of poor planning decisions in Beadnell has come to light in recent months.

Various properties in the village, some private homes plus the WI Hall, have experienced sudden and obnoxious smells from their bathrooms.

I use that word instead of lavatories, as the hydrogen sulphide gas causing the ‘rotten eggs’ stench could have entered through the wash basin.

Why is this important? This gas is toxic and flammable, and the air release valves used instead of vent pipes don’t let it escape to the open air.

So once again, why is this a worry for Beadnell?

The answer is that the drainage system serving the village lies unused and unflushed in about 65 per cent of the homes, therefore six months of the year, the ‘solid’ matter in the pipes is thus allowed to build up, form blockages and create the aerobic conditions when this dangerous gas can be formed.

Northumbrian Water is aware of the problem and does its best to clear blockages and maintain the flow, but its job is made harder when the planning authorities ignore such warning signs and continue to allow the development of further speculative and unsuitable housing in what is still, to all intents and purposes, a rural village.

Other planning authorities have found ways to put the brakes on.

I would like to think that ours will do the same, before something much more life threatening than a horrid smell explodes in the village.

Phil Russell,

Ivy Cottage Studio,