Plain enough over flood land

I have been reading at the weekend about the Government’s efforts to reach agreement regarding insurance of houses in the flood plains.

Now I wonder how many of our households up here know that officals are talking to insurance companies on behalf of the Government about a charge placed on all insurance holders of somewhere between £8 and £15.

In the past when I was a child my father would not buy in a flood plain.

People have elected to do so, liking the view and access to water.

I have watched builders and planners go ahead with schemes regardless and they should have responsibility, not another tax on the innocent.

When my husband was national chairman for land drainage in the 70s and 80s, he looked at problems in Weymouth and I told him that had always been flooding land since before the war.

I feel there tends to be a habit to have us all being made responsible for others’ mistakes and then them feeling the others in Britain owe them a rescue.

Anne Wrangham

by email