Pigs and chickens good for village

I refer to the article in last Thursday’s Gazette, ‘Councillor slams ‘grotty’ caravan’.

Although I do agree that the aforementioned caravan probably should not have been just ‘dumped’ on the side of the road, I am sure it was not the intention of the owner to leave it there indefinitely.

On reading the comments by Coun Steven Bridgett regarding this, I was annoyed to read further that he thinks the entrance to the village has been turned into a ‘mini farm’.

I personally drive up and down that road several times a day and have found that the sight of two pigs and a couple of chickens quite pleasant to see up close.

My son especially enjoyed visiting these animals on our way past the so-called ‘mini farm’. Is it not educational and good for the enviornment to have animals in a small country community?

Further up the road towards Cragside, there have been pigs and chickens, sheep, cows and I myself have a horse at graze on that stretch of road in a field right next to the road.

Is my horse to be frowned upon as she grazes in her field? Can you smell my horse in the hot weather or the sheep and other animals which are resident on the entrance to the village?

I disagree that there was an ‘atrocious smell’ when the weather was hot, which was said to be left by the pigs. Have you ever lived near a pig farm Coun Bridgett with over one hundred pigs on it? They do smell.

In fairness, the pigs weren’t there for very long. The land that the pigs were on was previously overgrown and now with the animals being there they have turned it over and it looks much better. The verge which the caravan was on is terribly overgrown. Should that not be attended to?

Should you not be concentrating more on the state of the potholes in the road or the grass verges that need attention around the village instead of clearly having an ‘issue’ with the ‘pigs and chickens’ or any other animals for that matter taking up residence in Rothbury.

Emma Atkinson,