Picture warning

FOLLOWING recent articles and correspondence in the Gazette regarding dog fouling and the advice to obtain photographic evidence of offending dogs, I would like to sound a note of caution.

After several complaints to the dog warden from my daughter about a neighbour’s four dogs regularly fouling the immediate environs, she was advised that as a warning letter had already been sent without effect and it would be easier to stop the offending owners with photographic evidence.

Following this advice, a second dog owner, seeing my daughter’s intention, alerted the offending neighbour when she returned with her dogs and grandchild, which was well wrapped in a buggy. Soon after, the police arrived at my daughter’s home stating that they were following up an accusation that she had been filming her neighbour’s grandchildren.

After such an unsavoury accusation, and its unstated, malicious implications the police were obliged to take action, resulting in an irresponsible misuse of police time.

Sometimes it may be better to put up with dog fouling – their owners can be much dirtier.

J Cairns,

Newton by the Sea