Pets in car warning

LAST week, I parked the car outside Sainsbury’s – it was a mild spring day where the temperature had climbed to a more tolerable level, but the sky was overcast.

I happened to notice that a small white car in the adjacent parking space had a King Charles spaniel in the back seat panting away with not one window open.

When I suggested to the returning owner that this action was unwise, to say least, and I suspect could end up with one falling foul of the law, the gentleman grunted under his breath and drove off, still with all the windows closed.

May I remind anyone who has a pet, that while the sun may not be out or in evidence, the temperature in a car can still climb to uncomfortable levels very quickly even on an overcast spring day.

Pets suffer from the heat very quickly and could, in some cases, be overcome and die from the heat.

There was, I believe, a case not that long ago in which a German shepherd did indeed die due to heat exhaustion in a vehicle that did not have any ventilation.

I would urge any pet owner if you are going to leave them in the car even for a short period of time that you leave the windows open. On a sunny day think seriously if it is really necessary to have your pet with you in the first place. If you must, please find a shady spot if possible and don’t leave them too long. If you can, have water with you in order to help cool them down if they do happen to succumb to the heat.

Remember it does not take much heat in order to kill an animal in a car.

Carole Rae,

East Lilburn,