Pet owners have little consideration

To all dog owners,

I am sure it will not be long before there are more dogs in Northumberland than humans. Some might say, not a bad thing too.

But what about the people who don’t care for dogs, who don’t want their clothing smeared in canine saliva, who don’t want to eat a meal with a hungry animal nearby smelling of ‘wet dog’ and worst of all are frightened of large viciouus-looking animals bounding towards them during an otherwise benign stroll at the seashore.

The big ugly, tough-looking creatures are truly an aggressive statement indeed.

More indicative of a Darwinian (or Freudian) lack of development in the owner, than the dubious legality and unwilling in-bred grotesqueness of the pathetic dog.

It seems that dog owners cannot understand that the rest of the world may not like their pet and may not want it anywhere near them.

Lack of control seems to be the norm and despite the owner’s frantic orders and instructions being breathlessly bellowed, most of their four legged friends seem to do as they please.

If a dog cannot be controlled, then keep it tethered and stop inflicting your creature on other people.

But here’s the rub.

Is it a breach of my human rights to have your dog in my personal space?

It’s a question that I hope will be answered one day soon, with all dogs in a public place being legally obliged to be on a lead at all times.

Is freedom to walk Northumberland’s world famous beaches in peace too much to ask? Surely ‘human’ rights must outweigh those of an animal.

Then we have the perennial issue of what we euphemistically call ‘pooooh’.

It was not the consideration for others that forced the dog lobby to start picking up the foul-smelling contents of their pet animal’s bowel.

It was the law and threat of a large fine that prevented us all being knee deep in the stuff. Yet, still there are dog owners who will let it lie if they can get away with it.

Try walking around Amble’s beautiful pier at night, don’t forget your torch and keep looking down.

Consideration for others is the cohesion that keeps a civilised society together.

If the dog owners of Northumberland don’t start considering that there are others who don’t like dogs, they may well have more on their plate than a leaking polythene bag full of ‘poooooohhhh’.

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