Pensioners to benefit

I’ve always believed that how a society treats its elderly people is a measure of how fair a society is.

That’s why there was wide condemnation when back in 2000, pensioners got an insulting 75p rise from the Labour government.

Pensioners rightly felt cheated by a system that didn’t make having a pension worthwhile.

If people have worked incredibly hard their entire life, then the least a government can do to ensure that their pension is worth having.

The Liberal Democrats whilst in government have changed the system, and are securing a prosperous and fair future for Britain’s pensioners.

In 2010, the Lib-Dem manifesto had a policy called ‘triple lock guarantee’

‘Triple lock guarantee’ re-established the link between pensions and earnings. The link between pension and earnings had remained broken since Margaret Thatcher’s government of 1980.

Over 30 years of successive governments ignored this important link until the Lib-Dems delivered in government as part of their Coalition Agreement.

This means that Northumberland pensioners are guaranteed an annual rise by whichever is the higher of earnings growth, prices growth or 2.5per cent.

The state pension is now £440 higher per year, than if it had increased in line with earnings from the start of this parliament.

In Northumberland, 60,000 pensioners will benefit from the ‘triple local guarantee’ thanks to Lib-Dems in Coalition.

It would seem that the Lib-Dems have been the only party who have been actively concerned in protecting the pensions of the elderly and giving them more security for the future.

Susan Bell,