Pedant deflects from serious point

I REFER to my letter of the 13th and the anonymous reply on the 20th.

To the anonymous nit-picker, I reply in an equally pedantic manner.

The car park in question is called Newton Steads, although it is near Newton Links House, not Link House.

It is not ‘a good three miles west of any beach’ but is in fact 1.2 miles from the junction of the Newton road and the B1340 at Newton Barns.

If Anonymous has travelled this road then his/her concept of distance is somewhat lacking and if a driver, should perhaps get the car’s mileometer checked.

To those readers who may have had their day ‘spoiled’ by my slip of the pen, but couldn’t bring themselves to write about it, I apologise.

Do not let the machinations of a pedantic, anonymous, nit-picker detract from the point of my letter.

That is, if the council continue to charge premium prices then the surfacing should reflect this and adhere to their own signage. If Anonymous wishes to continue this trivial dialogue then he/she should have the decency to publish his/her name.

John Hunter, Embleton