Pavements in a disgusting state

I am disgusted with the state of pavements around Alnwick, they are a danger to walk on with the amount of dog poo there is.

As a child minder I am constantly risk assessing on behalf of my children but even I am getting tired ofhaving to say, ‘Watch where you are walking’ and ‘Look down at the pavements for poo’.

I would much prefer to help my children look out for the more beautiful aspects in Alnwick because we have plenty – lovely gardens, historic statues and great architecture to name a few.

What impression does the state of our pavements give our visitors and what lesson are these dog owners giving our future generation?

In the past, I have been abused when advising a dog owner that their little darling has left an unwanted parcel on the pavement or even offered to give the owner a nappy sack (which I always have on me because I dispose of my waste products correctly) to pick up the offending item.

It’s all well and good putting signs up on lamp-posts and stencilling warnings on the pavements but these have to be enforced, and as we are still having to step over/around all the poo on the pavements, this is not being done.

Surely I am not alone in seeing that we have to have a clean-up of our pavements. I would also like to say that I am not tarring every dog owner with the same brush but it is the few that are giving dog owners a bad name and spoiling the enjoyment and freedom that all children have the right to experience when going out for a walk.

Rosie Harris,