PAVEMENTS: How many have to suffer?

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On Saturday, May 16, I was walking up past The George, Alnwick, when I tripped and fell into the road, probably as a result of a raised bit of the pavement, of which there are plenty.

I am happy to report that, other than a bruise to the hip and a sore arm, I have not suffered any damage.

It was at this point I recalled to mind an article my son had printed in the Gazette, some five years ago, regarding a letter he had sent to the council berating the state of the pavements and kerbstones within Alnwick, pointing out the very wobbly edge to the pavement outside WH Smith alongside raised areas of paving throughout the town.

It would seem that the council who ignored his letter then are still ignoring what is plainly a huge and potentially serious problem.

I was very fortunate not to be seriously injured or indeed killed, had a car happened along at the moment of my fall.

I know of a friend who has fallen in the same area at least three times in the last year, again fortunately without any long-term damage.

Neither of us are elderly, infirm or frail, but I can imagine that anyone with difficulty walking or indeed using a wheelchair would find the present state of the pavements within the town a real hazard.

So I would say to the council, come on, you have had five years to put all this right, and ask them, just how many people have to be injured, or indeed potentially killed, before you finally take note and actually do something about the shocking state of the town’s walkways?

Carole Rae,

East Lilburn Farm Cottages, Alnwick