PARKING: Rules should apply to all

Alnwick town centre
Alnwick town centre

Over the last few weeks I have a taken an interest in the comings and goings of the enforcement officers who prowl the streets searching for errant motorists who park without due regard for others.

However, my interest was sparked when I saw an enforcement officer go into numerous businesses with certain familiarity and then come out a few seconds later followed by the workers in those businesses who then moved their cars.

I witnessed it yet again, purely by chance, as the official stopped outside of one of the shops in town, looked at an offending car that had been there for a few hours, looked into the business and pointed to his watch, and then walked on to be followed a few minutes later by a lady who then moved the offending vehicle.

Now the question I would like to pose to the great council of Northumberland is why are normal motorists penalised with regularity when the business owners who park most of the day without penalty are forewarned of the presence of the enforcement officers? More so especially when parking is at an absolute premium, such as during the current music festival.

Apply the rules with decency for all.

As a payer of council tax, my voice has as much weight as a business owner, and for this sort of behaviour to be condoned is shameful. If Northumberland County Council is not aware of this, then I make the point that it is going on and should be condemned as soon as possible.

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