Parking peril nearly had me stranded

I would like to thank the bus driver’s wife who came to my help when I was waiting at Beadnell for the last 501 bus on Bank Holiday Sunday.

She drove up, and informed me (and a young family also waiting) that the bus would not get into the village due to the cars, so she took us all down to the outskirts of the village, where he picked us up. What a star! It would have been a long walk back to Amble.

While travelling on the buses, I have noticed how cars are sometimes parked without due regard for pedestrians or buses, making life difficult for the drivers, who I think do a great job (there were cars parked at the Beadnell bus stop).

It is not acceptable to expect people to stand in the middle of the road to flag down a bus. More consideration should be given to those who cannot afford a car and those who are unable, for whatever reason, to afford to drive.

Perhaps those responsible should reflect that one day, it may be them standing waiting for a bus.

Ruth Hawkins

Priory Park