PARKING: Longer time needed

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I write in response to the letter in last week’s Gazette, ‘Fine will put me off visiting market town’.

I have been a businesswoman in Alnwick for 17 years now and agree the free parking is very good for the town but we need longer than two hours in the town centre.

I have a beauty salon and anyone coming to my business for treatments can be there longer than two hours – trying to find a space in the all-day or long-stay car parks is impossible after 10am.

Last year, I campaigned and submitted a petition to the local council and the chamber of trade with lots of signatures and comments about how two hours was not enough time to shop, have lunch or attend appointments.

I had support from lots of local business who all agree that three-hour town parking would benefit them and allow people more time to look around the town rather than being scared of getting a parking ticket. This petition was totally dismissed by the council.

Morpeth has three-hour parking in the town centre, why can’t Alnwick? We have the same council, don’t we?

Yvonne Lee,