PARKING: Character must prevail

I sympathise entirely with Coun Steven Bridgett over Rothbury’s parking dilemma (Northumberland Gazette, November 5). Along with the shopkeepers and their customers, he is suffering from the failure of his predecessors to acquire land for public off-street parking when opportunities have arisen in the past.

However, Rothbury’s ancient and beautiful central village greens are so vital to its unique character that they must surely be protected at all costs.

Rothbury’s shops, businesses and everyone in Coquetdale urgently need more parking in the town centre, not a hugely expensive, ugly, pointless peninsula of raised pavement leading nowhere, which will destroy around 15 parking places near the shops. Five spaces dug out of the village green 100 yards away are very obviously not a substitute.

Some vehicles are thoughtlessly left in the main shopping area throughout the day. This is clearly ruinous for the local economy so perhaps it is time to have some one-hour disc parking, as is normal in every other town centre.

Mothers with pushchairs should be able to safely cross to and from the doctors’ surgery. This could be economically achieved with lowered kerbs and a gentle path from the existing safe crossing point at the bottom of the war memorial steps, sloping up under the trees to the High Street.

It is no surprise that the war memorial’s railings are vulnerable to traffic; its kerb stones now sit below street level and urgently need solid replacements.

Aidan Harrison,