Parking chaos will get worse

I WAS a member of the Alnwick District Council for many years and when we were considering a new plan for a house or a shop we used to insist that enough parking spaces were provided to get their vehicles off the road.

Last Thursday, there were great problems in Lagny Street in Alnwick because a new shopping establishment was opened opposite the Morrisons supermarket and there were no spaces to take care of their customers’ parking needs.

Many of these customers then decided to park in the Morrisons car park, which caused problems for their regular customers who could not find anywhere to park.

On the same newly-built site, I understand that more shops will be opening, again with no parking facilities.

My simple question is this. Who were the idiots on the county council who allowed this huge new development to go ahead without any parking facilities?

Why was this problem not spotted sooner and what are ‘they’ going to do to overcome this problem?

Alderman Bob Huggins,