parking: Appeal for witnesses

Authur English, who was the victim of a hit and run on the Cobbles in Alnwick
Authur English, who was the victim of a hit and run on the Cobbles in Alnwick

With regard to your editorial in the Northumberland Gazette issue of April 9, parking, Market Street, Cobbles.

I would like to draw attention to the fact that this is not solely of parking condition and fines for an infringement thereof. It appears to be a one-sided issue! Not for me!

On February 20, at approximately 4.15pm, I was walking up the pedestrian walkway from the traffic lights opposite Bailey’s Cafe up to the hand rail entrance on to the main street at Collectables when a reversing car from the lower cobbles parking area struck my right-hand side and knocked me over towards the tower. I rolled some 15 paces down the walkway, leaving me to be attended to by some seven or eight good Samaritans to assist me to a recovery position.

My immediate concern was to inspect my right knee as seven weeks earlier I had a prosthesis fitted to my knee at Hexham General Hospital.

I was assisted to a standing position to the Post Office. I was most grateful for the support, thank you all.

After some physical tests at home, the local police instigated for CCTV evidence, but unsuccessfully as the car drove off without stopping in the opposite direction.

If anyone saw this incident please contact Alnwick police force, case number 258.

Market Street, Cobbles memories will be with me for a long time. I didn’t do anything wrong.

Arthur English,