Outweighed by housing need

The residents of Shilbottle who object to a proposed new housing estate in their village are perhaps unaware of the facts, so let me explain in simple terms.

There are thousands of people living rough in this country, with maybe as many as a million people living in garden sheds. The solution is to build more houses – not a few more, a lot more.

Sadly, a lot more houses are not being built. Where they are built, there is often a lot of opposition from the NIMBY brigade.

Also, new houses nowadays are often very cramped, falling way short of the Parker Morris standards which served us so well over the years. This is not surprising, given the need to squeeze lots of housing out of very little available land.

People should not concern themselves about protecting the countryside or the unique nature of village life. Those things are toast.

Any importance we attach to them is far outweighed by the need for more housing.

Take some photos of the countryside while it still exists, and then you can tell your grandchildren about it when it’s gone.

Quentin Hawkins,

Fifth Avenue, Morpeth