Outrage over plans

I AM outraged by three articles that appeared in the Gazette (July 14) and although I have far better things to do, I am so infuriated that I feel I must put pen to paper.

1 The reversal of the planning permission for Bay View in Amble can only be described as ridiculous.

The proposed buildings are totally out of character with the other buildings along that stretch. The access is limited, so all the building materials and vehicles will gain access and be stored where?

Clearly there will be obstruction to the steps linking the harbour wall with the play area and top road. Parking is a nightmare as it is.

Allegedly, there is a housing problem in Amble. Might I suggest that there is not a lack of houses but a lack of affordable houses.

These three bedroom ‘town’ houses will not be affordable and will, no doubt, end up as holiday homes, which will benefit the local community how?

2 The proposed new hotel on the outskirts of Alnwick. Lunacy. So, it will create a few new jobs.

This will be useful as the White Swan will no doubt shut so that a new charity shop superstore can be opened.

How will this help the local community?

As far as I can see, this is just another nail in the coffin of the town centre, which, due to the massive car park for the Garden and Castle, is virtually ignored by the passing trade/tourists that once made it a profitable place for business. At least the ‘donation would have made the pill a tiny bit easier to take.

3 £230,000.00 to lease a business in the town? Madness, don’t Northumberland Estates have enough money as it is?

Two out of three of the points I feel involve the Duke and Northumberland Estates. I appreciate that he needs to make a living, despite being worth a reported £255million, but I feel fairly sure that his father, the old Duke, would be turning in his grave.

My family has lived in Alnwick for generations, my partners family has lived in Alnwick and Amble for generations and all we can see is the town being raped for profit and nothing being put back into the community by these people.

I have been through the ghost towns of America and can see the tumbleweed starting to blow in a north-easterly direction.

WO2 Nick Tuckey, Afghanistan