Our village birds are not vermin

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I WONDERED how long it would take before Coun Gilson got on his hind legs.

The statement in the Gazette on May 3 by Messrs Binda, that the Rothbury trees have more right to be here than he does, obviously touched a nerve as it took no less than 18 lines of explaining his ancestry to convince us of the opposite!

I agree with the Bindas in that all the birds of Rothbury are part of village life and, as I said in my letter of April 26, are not vermin.

Crows and jackdaws are the only carrion eaters, the rest are mainly seed eaters.

I also very much dispute all the livestock (ticks, lice, disease etc.) that he attributes to them. Birds would not survive if they did not have life-management strategies to rid themselves of parasites, as do all wild animals.

The word rookeries does apply to densely populated human slum areas; it also applies to penguins and seals and please do not say there are none of these near Rothbury!

I accept that some careful pollarding of some of the more straggly looking trees might be acceptable but basically, like Coun Jeff Reynalds and the Bindas, I think Rothbury’s flora and fauna should be left alone.

Incredulous of Thropton,

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