Our services outside London are suffering

George White is right, one-off grants are not going to correct the mess. All parties are totally out of touch about the crumbling of all services away from London.

Britain is suffering from successive cuts for the last 40 years. It started in 1964, the year they promised the A1 would be dualled to Edinburgh.

Roads have had no remedial work done to the hardcore base since the war, patching the holes is short-term as all weather causes leakage into the substructure so the whole road needs redoing the next winter. A few million pounds will not get these necessary corrections done.

Flooding and the farms have also been neglected in that builders have been allowed to build on flood planes, while pressure has been on to raise more homes and also land drainage has been stopped by the environmentalists wanting to create bogs.

Farmers are now blamed for Government policy of stopping the dredging of rivers or clearing of drains, and we have been prevented from managing the heaths and heather so that the overgrowth is killing it off, so it is no use to flora or fauna. £5,000 will not correct all this mess the land is now in.

The health service has been so clever that people no longer die of the diseases when they are young and reaching into the 80s is regular.

Look around the graveyards and you will find most of the early deaths are infectious diseases, or accidents.

My great-grandfather died at 98 in 1938 and his wife just before him was 89.

They had their diamond wedding with a telegram from the King.

Everyone should realise they are not magically going to live to 100.

Also, they are not going to find the social services are going to give them care at home and £25,000 savings will rapidly disappear paying for aged nursing care in a home.

Education has been improved so there is an all-graduate profession teaching our kids and we send over 50s into higher education.

The trouble with work is not due to jobs being taken by immigrants from the EU, but government departments and businesses have been closing works in Britain and outsourcing work to places like India, China and Korea.

The idea is that labour is cheaper than in Britain, but most of the reckoning is false due to the wrong values placed on foreign currency, along with the fact that the work may appear cheaper, but it doesn’t allow for the fact that it puts our people on the dole and costing the taxpayer.

Savers have been totally neglected, so people haven’t got pensions in the way my generation had and even a million pounds will not cover one for retirement in the future.

Money is being poured into green packages which is like King Canute trying to hold back the tide.

Of course, the world is warming, it has been since the last ice age, but stopping our businesses from producing on some carbon theory will not end that, so the money is a complete waste.

We do need to find new forms of energy as oil can’t last forever and we do need to modernise agriculture to manage the change.

I certainly don’t think the Green Party understands the mess, and I doubt the Liberal Democrats are any better.

Anne Wrangham,