Other issues with Detchant business

With regard to the report of Belford Parish Council’s February meeting (February 21), at which various residents’ letters and emails written in complaint of the problems the residents of Detchant are subjected to were addressed.

I attended that meeting and tabled various further questions and Mrs Brenda Stanton, council vice-chairman, presented the views of other residents who are also very concerned.

Very little mention is made, if at all, in the article in your newspaper of:

* The damage to people’s properties (a letter from a resident was read out at the meeting, regarding the damage to her property and verges).

* The state of the road and verges and the waste of public money being spent repairing them.

* The appalling dangers of articulated lorries reversing onto the old A1.

* The impact of the traffic and noise on other businesses.

* The impact of the traffic on walkers from St Cuthbert’s Way, the many footpaths and bridleways nearby and cyclists using the Coast and Castles cycle route.

The parish council referred questions I raised at the January meeting to Northumberland County Council and I am still waiting for a reply to my questions.

Mrs Brenda Jackson,

Member of Residents of Detchant Association

Editor’s reply: A report of any meeting will always only be a summary of the proceedings. Most of these points have been mentioned in previous reports of the parish council discussions on the topic.