Only solution is relocation

I refer to your recent report of the Belford Parish Council meeting regarding Bedmax at Detchant and would like to bring to the attention of your readers and those concerned the following observations/concerns regarding my business in Detchant.

I have had a holiday cottage in Detchant for the past 20 years and am increasingly concerned at the adverse effect the Bedmax operation is having on my business. The number of weeks that our cottage has been booked has fallen each of the past two years. We have put this down to people not returning as often as they used to.

First-time bookings have remained about the same. This has obviously resulted in a loss in income. We have experienced an increase in adverse comments from holidaymakers about the amount of heavy lorry traffic on the U34.

Also concerns regarding the noise and safety of themselves and their children on what after all used to be a peaceful single track country lane.

We have also had comments about the danger of walking up the road to Greymare which I believe is also a public right of way.

I can understand why other residents of Detchant have taken what action they can to reduce the damage to the verges caused by the Bedmax wagons.

The only solution in my opinion would be for Bedmax to relocate to an appropriate site where their operation would have less of an adverse effect on the residents and businesses in the locality. Somewhere where their artics can access the site with less disruption and manoeuvre safely.

Business owner,