One rule for the Estates, another for us

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THE Gazette reported how angry Lesbury residents have complained about the overgrown riverside footpath (‘Residents see red over path’, Gazette, September 1, page 14).

This is the responsibility of Northumberland Estates who were “unaware of any problem relating to the footpath in question until contacted by the Gazette”.

My garden runs down to the riverbank, which is owned by Northumberland Estates, only yards from the path in question.

Since the floods three years ago, I have kept brushwood on five metres of the riverbank in order to reduce continued erosion.

Only last month, Northumberland Estates wrote and told me to remove this at once.

It seems they must have their ‘blind eye to the telescope’ if the same people can spot a tiny pile of brushwood on the riverbank but fail to notice a couple of miles of overgrown riverside footpath.

Dr Christopher Benjamin,

Crofts Green,