Odds against fees fairness

I READ with interest your front page article in last week’s Gazette ‘Ray of hope’ concerning the comments made by the deputy leader of Northumberland County Council, Roger Styring concerning car parking charges in the south east of the county.

While I am sure he will do everything in his power to introduce some form of charging, I am afraid the odds are against him. Of the ruling executive of 10 councillors at county, six represent the urban areas.

It was acknowledged at the meeting that the earliest any changes could be made was April 2012 and with county council elections due in May 2013, I cannot see support for this idea.

In addition we were told that of the £3million taken for charges, £900,000 was used to maintain the car parks. These include those in the south east area. So not only do the rural areas pay to park, but they pay to keep the car parks throughout Northumberland up to standard.

When Coun Andrew Tebbutt was asked if this was fair, he replied: “The rural areas always subsidise the urban areas.”

I have one question for Coun Tebbutt: “Why?”

David Rixon,

Newton on the Moor