OBSTRUCTION: Wardens would have field day

A traffic warden cannot in any way be classed as everyone’s favourite person, but they do stop (to some extent) traffic chaos within our towns and cities.

They seem to carry out their duties in Amble with remarkable efficiency, however, if they were to walk around the town instead of concentrating on the main street area they would find much to keep themselves occupied, with many cars parked over the pavements.

Some of these cars cause so much of an obstruction that I regularly see mothers with their buggies having to veer onto the road in order to pass.

Surely these drivers who seem to think that they have more right to use the pavement than pedestrians are committing an offence and are just as liable to a fine as someone who has parked on the road, but in a restricted zone.

Rodney Burge,

Ladbroke Street,