OBSTRUCTION: Problem due to rail users

With regards to your article regarding comments made by an Arriva spokesman relating to inconsiderate parking in Curly Lane, (Northumberland Gazette, September 10).

The vehicle shown in your photograph, causing the obstruction of the bus, did not belong to a local resident, but to someone using the railway.

This problem about buses being unable to travel up or down Curly Lane because of the inconsiderate parking has been of concern to local residents and Arriva drivers for a number of years.

However, despite complaints to Northumberland County Council, and promises made by it for extra parking at the railway station, nothing has been done.

Most of the inconsiderate parking is caused by people using the railway, rather than residents, and the Arriva spokesman should have known that.

Local residents are concerned that because of this inconsiderate parking on Curly Lane and South View, emergency vehicles, farm vehicles, as well as the buses, will not be able to use these roads.

Concerned resident