Object to Widdrington turbines

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With absolute disbelief I see a further windfarm development proposed through the Woodhorn-Chevington corridor.

Thirteen wind turbines, each standing 126.5 metres (over six times higher than the Angel of the North), are to be sited at the planned Blue Sky recreational development at Maidens Hall, Widdrington.

Although renewable energy is vitally important to our future, our corner of England is over-exploited by sprouting crops of enormous swirling blades. In addition to the risk to the health of residents, relating to shadow flicker and noise disturbance, windfarms are an inefficient means of energy production.

Appreciating decisions of county council planning committees are governed in law, a wall of giant blades is gradually imprisoning local residents whose concerns are repeatedly ignored by the Lib Dem-led Northumberland County Council, which recently blocked a motion by Conservative councillors for urgent consultation with residents about the governance of windfarms.

As the leadership of Northumberland refuses to listen to representatives of residents, I call on local residents to join me in petitioning Northumberland County Council to oppose the proposed Maidens Hall windfarm. Interested? Either email s.luck0@btinternet.com text or telephone 07989 764296, leaving your name, address and telephone number.

Sheila Luck,

Conservative Party Candidate,

Pegswood Division