Not offending by vicar’s remarks ... and I’m from Amble

I WOULD like to reply to the letter in the Gazette (January 20) under the title ‘Offended by vicar’s jibes’.

I also attended the Christingle Service at St Lawrence’s Church on Christmas Eve. I am also from Amble and I was not in the least offended by the Rev Canon Brearley’s remarks.

Anyone who knows the vicar knows that she has a sense of humour, sometimes wicked, but never offensive. The service was for the children and they all seemed to enjoy themselves and it certainly was anything but farcical.

What I found more annoying was the person who all through the service stood texting on his mobile phone. If that was not being ignorant nor offensive I don’t know what is.

Whoever wrote this letter obviously does not visit or attend St Lawrence’s very often or they would know what a friendly and happy congregation we are and this is all down to the vicar. They are obviously embarrassed by what they have written as they would not have their name mentioned, I have no shame in letting my name be known.

Wendy Boyd,