Not everyone is opposed to wind power

I am concerned every week in the Gazette to read the extreme reactions opposing all and any windfarm developments in our county.

I wanted to make the point that not all Northumbrians are opposed. I am aware of many people who are in favour of these developments and I personally find them a positive addition to our landscape.

I am particularly concerned that some of the opposition seems based on valuing a view from a window above the ability of our children and grandchildren to turn on a light switch.

This sounds melodramatic, but we are a country which has gifted strategic control of our future energy supplies to foreign speculators and whose politicians can’t see beyond the next election.

So when you next see new wind turbines across Northumberland, I respectfully suggest that even if you don’t like the view you can at least be proud that our community is taking a small step towards maintaining access to sustainable energy for future generations.

David Barras,

Field House Close,