Not enough consultation

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SO a ‘disgruntled’ Amble resident, lacking the confidence to have his/her name published, thinks all of us up at Mariner’s View and Riverside identify with Warkworth parish, rather than Amble (Letters, May 5).

There are at least two people up here who identify totally with Amble and have no desire whatsoever to be associated with Warkworth.

Anyone who lives in Amble but wants to be considered part of Warkworth should either move there or have their house rebuilt there, exercising their fundamental democratic rights.

With regard to the supermarket comments in Disgruntled’s letter, our MP, the prospective Tory MP, Northumberland Council, Northumberland Estates, Tesco and Amble Town Council formed a coalition to force a massive supermarket to be built in this small, unique Northumberland town.

There have been vigorous protests in Bristol against similar developments and Ed Miliband is recently on record as saying that there should be more public consultation and discussion of similar developments.

We had exactly five minutes at a NCC planning meeting to oppose the Amble Tesco application. If four people wanted to speak, you would have exactly one minute and 15 seconds each. Consultation? Participation?

As one consequence of the Tesco application it seems that a supermarket will be built, but with no associated housing, denying ‘affordable housing’ to local people.

Another consequence is that Northumberland Estates secretly acquired land on the Braid from the old Alnwick District Council, not just for the access road but for future potential development.

If this happens it would ruin the newly-designated Town Green.

My conclusion is that I hope for more genuine consultation in future and we should use Freedom of Information legislation to open up planning applications to more critical scrutiny.

John Bird,

Mariner’s View,