Not all of Sir John’s family approved

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RE: Beanell decision looming

Sir John Craster gifted the harbour to the fishermen of Beadnell. Being chairman of the Northumberland Sea Fisheries Committee for 31 years, he was determined to help fishermen where possible.

He was however, a passionate lover of our unspoilt county and would have been horrified to think his generous action had resulted in the despoiling of the last bit of Beadnell’s coastline visible to the residents of Harbour Road, be they permanent or visitor.

As for Sir John’s relatives being in favour of the development, his closest descendants are not in favour and were not consulted.

Some have property in Beadnell and own land put forward as part of the future village green, and some live nearby.

This was pointed out in earlier correspondence in the Northumberland Gazette in response to Mr Wall’s assertion that all Sir John Craster’s relatives were 100 per cent in favour.

He should not assume that all Sir John’s descendants approved when his nieces were not even consulted or approached for their views.

He mentions Craster harbour is in the same situation.

Craster harbour is not dredged every year and I feel that constant dredging which Mr Wall asserts must happen to Beadnell harbour, causes problems. Weaker foundations, weaker walls.

E Foster,

Keepers Cottage,

Craster South Farm,