Northumberland bus changes are concerning

Regarding Coun Bruce Hewison’s letter published on August 16, I have to agree with much of what he is saying about Morpeth punching above its weight.

I am not sure about the political situation having only returned last Christmas after being away for 35 years, after having spoken to friends, family and neighbours in other towns plus reading last week’s Gazette there seems to be numerous Arriva bus services which are being scrapped or changed in both north and south of the county.

Is there not a passengers’ charter and certain guarantees that Arriva have to supply a level of service?

I think bus fares in Northumberland are absolutely horrendous, the fare structure is not at all easy either. It is cheaper to get an all-day pass than a return fare. I think the county should look into these prices or review their subsidy upward.

I think a lot of people would be shocked to know it is more expensive to get a two-zone day pass than it is to cross London by bus.

Lewis Dixon,

Shields Road, Morpeth