No way to treat our visitors

I am writing to you with regard to an incident that happened to two of our guests who frequently visit Northumberland.

On Wednesday, June 20, our guests visited Craster and parked their car in the designated car park between two other parked vehicles and paid their parking fee.

When they returned to their vehicle they found that they had been issued with a parking ticket which said that they were over the parking lines which they strenuosly deny.

They then rang the telephone number on the ticket to find that the traffic warden involved had gone for his lunch and nobody else could help but they would study the photographic evidence as soon as possible.

Why do we drive tourists away from our lovely county? I thought the county council would encourage tourism and not annoy the clients that visit Northumberland.

In this day’s current climate we cannot afford people to not visit the area because tourism is a very important part of the county.

Susan and David Parmley

Glororum B&B