No to new housing

I READ with some joy that the application for houses on the front at Beadnell had been turned down; sadly this is not the end of this saga.

The plans will be entered again because big money for the developers is at stake and Northumberland County Council’s area development manager north Peter Rutherford is in favour.

Mr Rutherford wants to remember who pays his large salary NOT Mr Wall nor Northumberland Estates but us, the council taxpayers.

So he wants to look into the 106 agreement (probably drawn up by Mr Wall).

What do these fishermen want? Do they think that they are going to profit?

Think again.

There are only two boats in Beadnell harbour and one uses Craster and the other is owned by a gentleman who will shortly be retired.

Why all the fuss?

The harbour could be used by the small yacht owners (at a price) and the land near the post office (who paid for it to be fenced off) could, with a little investment (perhaps Mr Wall will chip in), be turned into a car park, both generating enough money for the harbour in perpetuity, not just a small fund which would run out in a few years.

See how the car park is keeping the Seahouses harbour in good repair.

My advice to Mr Rutherford is forgot 106, consult the people who pay you and find out who the official was who was overheard to say ‘of course the houses will be built on these sites’ and sack him now.

Henry E Hutton,

Meadow Lane,