No space to generate sufficient green power

Anne-Marie Trevelyan writes that we can ‘decarbonise with effective local solutions like more electric cars, biomass heating for small communities and local solar power’.

What on earth is she talking about? Electric cars USE energy, they don’t generate it. If all our cars were to be electric we would need to generate more electricity, which means a whole load more power stations or wind turbines or a combination of the two.

If she thinks biomass or solar is going to meet our energy needs, she is clearly clueless. With all the existing space we occupy growing food and with cities there is no room. Perhaps she plans to grow massive forests out to sea, or plant solar panels in orbit?

Deciding our future sources of energy is one of our most pressing policy issues. Anyone whose understanding is as limited as Mrs Trevelyan’s is not fit to be an MP.

Tony Lane,

Arkle Court,