No problem with access

I am a regular reader of the Gazette and I wish to take issue with the somewhat over-critical review Helen Millichamp gave for the Three Wheat Heads at Thropton.

I felt that she was finding fault where no fault existed and certain aspects of her review e.g. disabled access were totally wrong.

I am a regular disabled visitor to the Three Wheat Heads, I am a permanent wheelchair user and there are no steps at the main entrance to the pub – the door that leads to the bar on one side and the restaurant on the other.

I have been a regular visitor to this pub/restaurant for many years and have never experienced any problems gaining access.

Other areas where I felt that Helen was being overcritical was with the number of dishes on the menu – the Three Wheat Heads menu is nowhere near as extensive as many pub restaurants I have been in.

It is true that several of the dishes do have a Mediterranean aspect to them but this is probably because the Three Wheats employ a Greek chef (Socrates) who has helped the Three Wheat Heads add more choice and variety to their meals than the basic bar meals menu. A point I would think was in the Three Wheat Heads’ favour rather than something to be critical of.

Helen also stated that there was no children’s menu. This is not true.

I have seen families eating in Three Wheat Heads where children’s meals have been provided and children’s choices have been offered.

Helen was probably sitting with a party of adults. This would explain why no children’s choices were offered.

I think that Helen’s judgement may have been clouded by the unfortunate incident with the dead insect, something I have never encountered at the Three Wheat Heads and never expect to.

But to say that the restaurant carpet has seen better days is simply unfair. The whole of the pub was refurbished last summer when the new management team took over. New carpets were laid and new extending leaf tables were added that are ideal for wheelchair users.

I do hope, after Helen’s rather harsh review, that no potential diners are deterred from visiting the Three Wheat Heads.

If you want nouveau cuisine, small portions on large plates, where the more you pay, the less you get, then go elsewhere, but if you prefer sizable portions of well-above-average cooking then give the Three Wheat Heads a try. You should not be disappointed.

Alan Stephenson

Brenkley Court

Seaton Burn