No more development

I AM a reclusive individual and this is the only letter I have ever written to a newspaper.

I write because I am sickened by the planning department and the councillors.

They are behaving like servants of Northumberland Estates, Youill and John Wall, ignoring the wishes of the people who pay them. They rubber-stamp applications for Blyth, Rothbury, Beadnell, etc, etc. Where next?

Let us see a housing estate on the land in front of Alnwick Castle, preferably like the eyesore on the quarry field at Beadnell.

Forty and possibly another 100 are to be built on Benthall field.

Remember 140 were asked for first. Of course, the wildlife is to be removed some miles away. Have they been told when?

In addition, there is much talk of affordable homes. When they were built on Longbeach Drive, Beadnell, only one was sold. Perhaps a member of the planning department and Mr Wall will scotch these rumours going around:

1. A member of the planning department was heard to say on looking at one of the fishermen’s sites that it was most suitable for building.

2. John Wall will occupy the Haven site himself.

3. John Wall is the money and the developer of these sites.

Also, why did John Wall berate a gentleman for having a house in Beadnell and another in Yorkshire, as he himself has a house in Beadnell and a posh apartment on Newcastle Quayside (people in glass houses).

Perhaps someone in authority will have the guts to stop these people from concreting over Northumberland.

Let us all remember, once they concrete, land is lost forever.

Do not let the greedy few trample on the masses.

Finally, the Beadnell fishermen would do well to liken themselves to the Seahouses fishermen who have kept their harbour in pristine condition by having a car park at the side.

The land beside the Post Office is ideal for this and the view would be retained.

Will Browne,