Nimbys up to their old tricks

How often do we hear local residents complaining that their offspring are forced to move away from the villages where they were brought up because of a lack of housing.

Previous government policy giving residents of council houses the right to buy may well have enabled millions of people to become homeowners but it was also responsible for a huge reduction in council-controlled social housing.

The days when the councils could encourage older tenants, whose family had grown up and flown the nest, to downsize to a smaller property, thus freeing up a larger family home for the next generation, have gone.

Village shops, Post Offices and pubs are closing at an alarming rate as populations diminish and they will diminish as local children grow into adults and leave home, often leaving one elderly, surviving parent living alone for years in a property which once housed a thriving family.

When the offspring do eventually inherit the family home, all too often it is put up for sale at a price beyond the reach of local young families.

Then why, when developers want to build 47 new homes of mixed size and affordability accompanied by business units and a doctors’ surgery, do local residents start a petition against it?

It’s not the only housing development to have faced opposition in recent months, it would appear that we want homes for our youngsters, but yet again ‘not in my back yard’.

CS Blease,