NHS full of great people

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In the last nine weeks I have gone from blissful ignorance to having surgery to remove a cancerous tumour from my lung.

At a time when resources are stretched and people are ‘having a go’ at the NHS I can only praise their dedication, professionalism and commitment. It started with my GP at Riverside Practice, who took the time to listen to me, as an older lady with severe hearing difficulties I’m used to being ignored, and sent me for initial tests.

Within a matter of weeks I had seen a specialist and been for CT and PET scans, the results of which confirmed the cancer diagnosis. At each stage the doctors and specialists were considerate and patient in their explanations of what was going to be happening to me and what the future is likely to hold.

I am now at home and recovering, having undergone surgery and spending a week in the excellent care provided by the staff at the Freeman Hospital.

I now have a future with my family thanks to the skill, expertise and care provided to me by so many generous people who had never met me before.

J Jonsson