Never too busy to listen to you

I first met John Taylor when we were young Conservatives and both enthusiastic about the county. He was a great friend to my husband through farming and did his share of Alnwick Castle fete organisation and Berwick Conservative chairing.

I am sorry that no one has spoken of this great side of John’s gift to the area.

Like several of us of the ’60s, he saw no place for party politics in local government – we had seen the damage that Andy Cunningham had inflicted on the North East then.

He entered local government through my sudden move from Alnwick district and what a find he proved to be. He fought for our schools, the retention of and parking at Alnmouth Station, so the cash was raised for that great project.

He always had time to talk if one met him in Alnwick and was never too busy to listen to a problem and get it sorted.

Roads were mended, meetings never missed.

Thank you John for all you did.

Anne Wrangham

By email