Never mind the cars, what about pedestrians?

SO many complaints are heard about the car parking in the town and the state of the roads, I feel I would like to highlight some of the hazards the pedestrians of Alnwick have to cope with.

I have lived in Alnwick all of my life (almost 80 years), and I am a pedestrian by choice but find it is becoming quite difficult to get about.

The cobbles do not cause any trouble because I’ve been used to them, but I do find that you dare not take your eyes off the footpaths because of the growing number of loose, broken or uneven paving stones.

If you do look up it is either to confront a vehicle parked on the footpath (double yellow lines are ignored), or to avoid hedges and overhanging bushes which come right out onto the footpaths.

The shopping areas are being taken over by goods in containers, flowers for sale or small tables and chairs on the paths at the cafés.

Apart from Bondgate, there are very few of the other streets and roads in town which have not been fouled by dogs so you are always watching your feet.

The dark nights are coming in again so this will get worse. Irresponsible owners, of course, are to blame for this problem, not the dogs.

All complaints to the county council are answered by the usual: ‘No funds available’. Yet last week, residents in our area each received a letter by post informing of the change of day for our bin collecting to guess when – the same day as it is now! What a waste of time, paper and delivery charges.

Never mind though - Alnwick is now the ‘Best Market Town in Britain’.

A Pedestrian,

Name and address supplied