Need cohesive turbines plan

I see that Empirica Investments Limited have applied for planning permission to site temporary meteorological masts at Edlingham and East Woodburn to add to the masts it has already installed at Old Felton and at land between Warkworth and Guyzance.

The purpose of these masts is ‘to provide necessary data on wind characteristics in the area’. Empirica Investments Limited is a ‘specialist developer and operator of wind-based renewable energy projects’ and its offering to landowners is ‘for the landowners to receive income from their land at no cost to them’.

Empirica specialises in the Enercon E-33 turbine which is ‘only’ 67m to the tip (to give a sense of scale, the masts they have installed are 50m high).

Notwithstanding the irony that the old Alcan works (where green energy surcharges wiped out the site’s profitability) is now swamped by wind turbines and, regardless of where we stand on the green energy debate, isn’t it time we stopped to take stock of the impact that wind turbines and windfarms will have on our beautiful county and have a cohesive plan on where they are sited? We will only have one chance to get this right.

Brad Hoy

East Hazon