Nativity scene was rejected, like Jesus

LIKE many people I was dismayed to hear of the vandalism to the Nativity scene.

We as a family enjoyed the extra dimension that this brought to the town, as well as the lovely lights; thanks to everyone who gives of their time to make Alnwick look and feel so special as we celebrate the birth of Jesus.

I couldn’t help but reflect as I read the article, how God sent His son as a vulnerable baby as His gift to us, and like the vandals, many of us rejected Him.

But in His love for us He died a criminal’s death on a cross so that our sins could be forgiven.

At the beginning of this New Year may we forgive those who would destroy so mindlessly – not that actions should be without consequences.

Jesus taught that through perseverance and endurance we are made stronger.

Please don’t be too down about it, Carlo. Instead let’s make next Christmas even better with the joy of the Nativity scene at the centre and in the years to come.

And please, if you did take the figures, return them to St Paul’s – you could always do it at night.

Dawn McDonald