My car-key rescuers

On Saturday, October 5, I (stupidly) locked my two-year-old son inside my car on the cobbles in Alnwick, together with the car keys and my mobile phone.

With my husband in Germany and my spare keys at home in Edlingham, I was stuck.

My father-in-law was spotted walking past and he contacted Motorcare of Alnwick (where I had bought the car) who quickly sent Ian along to help.

He tried to open the door but when he was unable to he smashed the window to get my son out.

Also present was a traffic warden, whose name I unfortunately did not get, but who was also very kind and repeatedly offered to drive me home to get my spare keys.

Both men were very calm and I am extremely grateful to them both.

Ian then arranged for a new window to be put into my car, and I was then given a lift home with my son by Simon from Motorcare. Thank you to all who helped me that day.

It just shows what a great town we live in, and by buying my car from a local dealer help was very quickly on hand with a smile.

Gillian Castle,

Newtown Farm Cottages,