Mourning two ex-councillors

In the last few days, we have seen the passing of two very eminent members of the late Alnwick District Council: Hon Aldermen Dick Elliott and Roy Smith.

Dick first represented Rothley on the Rothbury Rural District Council and its successor authourity, Alnwick District Council. He served on just about all of the committies as well as vice-chairman and then chairman of the council. Dick was very proud of his work on the Rothbury railway line, which sadly ceased to operate in 1968. Following this, he worked with the Forestry Commission and later as a drainage contractor.

Roy had a similar career in local government, again as vice-chairman and chairman of the council. In addition to this, he chaired the very important housing committee and was closely involved in the development of Ember Gardens project in Warkworth, which was gifted and funded by the late Margaret Butler with whom he shared a keen interest in breeding and racing of her horses which were reared on the limestone pastures of his farm in Whittingham.

Both Dick and Roy were from very rural backgrounds and served their constituents extremely well, as they did their other corperate responsibitlites. During their long careers, they were both ably supported by their wives, Magaret and May, to whom we now extend our sympathy.

Hon Alderman, Hugh Philipson

Hon Alderman, John Taylor