More trains will benefit everyone

I was pleased to see that North Sunderland Council is concerned about trains stopping at our local station of Chathill.

I was also pleased to note that the proposed Belford station will not impact on Chathill and it must be said that two stations are better than one.

Your paper also had an interesting article by John Wylde regarding travel trends in the UK where the unexpected national reduction in car mileage and significant increase in rail travel is reported.

I would suggest that what we need to see is more trains calling at Chathill.

As a regular user of Alnmouth station, I would much rather travel four miles to Chathill and board a train than travel to Alnmouth where the new car park, so wisely provided by the county council, is already getting full.

In the next two years the re-franchising of East Coast and Cross Country trains (both passing through Chathill) is being renewed and I have suggested to Sir Alan Beith MP that the specification for these franchises includes three Cross Country and one East Coast train (in each direction) calling at Chathill.

I am pleased to note that our MP Sir Alan Beith is taking this up with the Department for Transport.

It is important to note that improved rail services often improve property values in an area which would be a positive spin-off of a better rail service.

This would give through services to London, York, Leeds, Sheffield, Derby, Birmingham etc as well as more and faster trains to Newcastle and Edinburgh for Scottish destinations.

There is no doubt that a spin-off would be some relief for the car park at Alnmouth as some people would park at(or get a lift to) Chathill.

Further benefits would be a reduction in local road traffic as inevitably more people would begin using the train rather than driving all the way to their destination, and of course there will be resultant reductions in carbon emissions.

In short more trains at Chathill will benefit everyone, a real win-win.

John Holwell,

King Street,