More mixed views on Rothbury rooks

Thank you Coun Gilson, this has gone on long enough but I will take comfort from Alan Castle’s words on May 17, when he remembered complaints about jackdaws nesting in trees in the Duke’s School field.

When men with guns appeared and started to shoot the birds, uproar was caused by residents against such a cull and it was stopped.

Now the birds live in harmony with some, if not all of the residents and I feel that there are many in Rothbury like me who, although not vociferous, are on the side of the trees and birds and may come ‘out of the woodwork’ like the Alnwick residents should such a cull be proposed.

Finally, eight letters have been printed opposing the matter and none, apart from Coun Gilson’s, for.

The Ususal Thropton

In reply to Coun Gilson’s ‘Upsetting but we must sort the problem’ letter of August 16, my husband and I totally agree with you Mr Gilson.

You said it and I quote: ‘I thought I’d better crawl back under the stone from whence I’d obviously come.’

Please stay there and leave our trees and rooks alone.

The parish council are like a dog with a bone over this issue. To again quote Coun Gilson: ‘Hasn’t this gone on long enough?’

The parish council, I’m sure, has many far more important issue to deal with.Don’t kill our birds or interfere with our beautiful trees.

Jane and Alex Binda,

Address supplied

There are a lot of stories and letters in the Gazette about Mark Gilson talking about the rooks.

But the rooks have been nesting in those wooden trees in Rothbury for more than 20 years so I think the people in the village centre of Rothbury should be used to the rooks nesting in the trees. I don’t think anyone can stop the rooks nesting.

David Nicholson

Simonside View, Rothbury

Some folk may find it a Lark to Crow about Rooks in Rothbury but I suggest they Tern it in and Hawk their views elsewhere, as they are getting on my Tits!

Alistair Costley,

Wagtail Road, Rothbury