Money or lives – which is more important?

WITH reference to the letter in the Gazette by Coun Hewison last Thursday.

First of all, thank you for your kind wishes; I am the father of the young man from Widdrington who was airlifted to hospital.

Thankfully, he is okay and only required staples to the back of his head, but it could have been a lot worse.

My son works at the golf club in Swarland and is well aware of the dangers that this junction poses, having used it nearly every day for over a year.

I am in full agreement about the reduction of a speed limit to 50 mph; this in itself would not make a great deal of difference.

The Highways Agency must do the job properly.

The stretch between Newton on the Moor and Felton north contains three or four nasty cross-over type junctions.

A series of digital cameras would work and if the speed limit was reduced to 50mph for about three miles, the serious accident rate would drop.

But as with all things are we talking about saving lives (which are priceless) or money. I wonder what odds the bookies will give on that.

Just note, it only takes 4.5seconds at 80mph (less than that at 90mph+) to travel from the brow of that hill approaching Swarland/Guyzance junction.

It is around one-tenth of a mile. Think! Can I stop in time?

Alan Proctor,

Widdrington Station