‘Missing man’ will stand for election

County Council election.'Michael Weatheritt.
County Council election.'Michael Weatheritt.

Like many households in the Northumberland, we have received a copy of the Trevelyan Express, the Conservative Party local newsletter.

The centre pages were enlightening to say the least. It shows several photographs of events throughout Anne-Marie Trevelyan’s life and times of joy in Northumberland.

I find it very strange that the photograph of the Berwick parliamentary election of 2010 only shows four candidates when in fact there were five.

Michael Weatheritt stood for Ukip in that election and came fourth with 1,243 votes.

Is Anne-Marie Trevelyan so much in fear of the growth of Ukip that she would prefer to deny their existence?

Maybe she doesn’t have a photograph showing all five candidates, though I find that hard to believe.

It strikes me that the omission of Michael from the photograph is similar to the tactics used by the LibDems in the recent Longhoughton by-election when most, if not all, their election leaflets implied there were only four candidates standing, not five.

Are the other parties so scared of Ukip that they feel they have to make a sign against the ‘evil eye’ at the very mention of their name?

Ukip is very much a party to be reckoned with and we will be fielding a candidate in the Berwick constituency next year.

Nigel Coghill-Marshall is Ukip’s prospective parliamentary candidate and was speaking at a well-attended public meeting on Tuesday at Belford Golf Club.

Jonathan Arnott, Ukip MEP for the North East was also speaking and both Nigel and Jonathan had informal discussions with the audience afterwards.

Michael Weatheritt the ‘missing fifth person’ chaired the meeting, proving that he does exist.

In the words of Ghandi: ‘First they ignore you; then they mock you; then they fight you; then you win.’

Margaret Weatheritt,

Secretary UK Independence Party Alnwick Branch