Mess in Market Place

I’m sure we all agree Alnwick is such a lovely market town and is proved to be so by Country Life magazine.

The general opinion obviously feels we deserve such awards and I do agree.

So why have we turned the Market Place into such an eyesore?

Seeing it today, I was dismayed to see cars jammed into any space, a real hotch-potch image that will surely bring to us another award in the category of best scrap-yard. Why has this happened?

I see so many cyclists now braving these roads so as to do some shopping and often I see cycles locked to railings at the Shambles.

So why don’t we offer these unpolluters somewhere to lock up their bicycles, like a cycle rack to hold a few machines?

We cater for the gum-chewers and cigarette-smokers, so let’s show some thought for those brave enough to challenge those in cars and give them such a facility, which won’t pose such an unsightly image as a village scrapyard that used to be a market place!

We’ve put such wonderful seats in this area, so where is it possible to get a face-mask for car fumes if we choose to use one of these seats?

Stan Thompson,

West Acres, Alnwick